All Natural Buffalo Roasts

Please note: All our buffalo meat has approximate weights, because of this it means it can be slightly more or less then the price advertised. We strive to sell exactly as advertised and will always contact before final payment to verify price.

Picture of Chuck Roast

Chuck Roast

Lean and Jam packed with flavor!! This cut is best braised, we have a wonderful French Dip recipe in our recipe section that is sure to please! 4 pound average.
Picture of Cross Rib Roast

Cross Rib Roast

Cut from just below the chuck roast these are also best cooked braised. Average 4 lbs.
Picture of Rump Roast

Rump Roast

The perfect comfort food. Not as tender as some but so full of flavor. If you slow cook this bad boy it will get to fall apart tender. If you would like a rarer roast just thin slice it. This is the perfect cut for deli style lunch meat. Our rump roasts average 4 Lbs.
Picture of Sirloin Tip Roast

Sirloin Tip Roast

This roast is only second to prime rib! Tender and flavorful, cooked to a medium rare you will get rave reviews!!  Our sirloin tip roast average 4 lbs.
Picture of Tri Tip Roast

Tri Tip Roast

This little roast is jam packed with flavor!!  Cook it low and slow on the grill, in a Dutch oven, in a smoker, or in the oven. Slice across the grain for best results. Our Tri Tips average about 1.5 lbs.