Picture of Buffalo Heart

Buffalo Heart

For a good heart healthy choice, go with this hearty old time favorite! We put our hearts into this package ;-) All puns aside, buffalo heart is a muscle meat, very similar to a steak or roast. It is higher in protein and an excellent source of a variety of nutrients. Including but not limited to thiamin, folate, phosphorus, zinc, CoQ10, most of the B vitamins, and amino acids. Our hearts are fully trimmed, thin sliced, and come in 1-1 ½ lb. packages.
Picture of Buffalo Liver

Buffalo Liver

Gram for gram Liver contains more nutrients than any other food. An excellent source of high-quality protein, liver is also nature’s most concentrated source of vitamin A. It boasts a high concentrations of all B vitamins, particularly B12. It is a great source of folic acid, iron, and CoQ10. Our liver comes fully trimmed, 1lb. per package.
Picture of Buffalo Oysters

Buffalo Oysters

The original sack lunch!! A western tradition this delicacy is great sliced thin, breaded, and deep fried. They come 2 per package and average 5 ounces each.
Picture of Buffalo Tongue

Buffalo Tongue

One of the major reasons that Bison were slaughtered near extinction. Who can argue with age old philosophy that this is a gourmet piece of meat? Our tongue come one per package and average 2.5 lbs. each.
Picture of Suet


Add more nutrients to your recipes with Buffalo Suet. High in omega-3’s and a great alternative to lard. Available in 5 lb. packages.