Buffalo Brisket * Buffalo Ribs * Buffalo Stew Meat

Please note: All our buffalo meat has approximate weights, because of this it means it can be slightly more or less then the price advertised. We strive to sell exactly as advertised and will always contact before final payment to verify price.

Picture of Brisket


Fire up the smoker!! This cut of meat is a little tougher but if you cook it low and slow (I’m talking 200* for 8 hours) you won’t have a better tasting meat. Slice it thin for a sandwich or shred it on top of a salad. Be sure to check out our recipe section for an amazing cherry, pomegranate, habanero braise that is sure to tickle the taste buds! Our briskets are available in two sizes. 1-2 lbs. and 2 pound and up.
Picture of Back Ribs

Back Ribs

For the true rib lovers out there, these buffalo back ribs are longer and meatier than our short ribs. The perfect addition to any BBQ just roast these a little lower than you would beef and you will produce some mighty fine chewing. Seven ribs per slab and roughly 2.75 lbs.
Picture of Short Ribs

Short Ribs

Low fat, meaty goodness. You can grill, broil, or braise these to yummy satisfaction. The ultimate all American BBQ!! Short ribs come average 2 ½ lbs. per package.
Picture of Stew Meat

Stew Meat

Pre-cut kabob meat?? Yes please!!!  These tender little chunks are full of flavor, fully trimmed, and so versatile. Use them on kabobs, in chili, stroganoff, stew, or soups. Perfectly easy to prepare! Our stew meat comes in 1 lb. packages.